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Re: Feedback Pedal

>actually, i've been wondering about this too.
>matthias has said in past messages that the edp uses an 8-bit 
>(0-256) value for the feedback pedal,
>but the midi continuous controller for feedback on the edp is 7-bit 

in Loop III, I made this separate treatement of pedal and MIDI, but 
since no one noticed the difference and I could save some precious 
cycles to program more interesting stuff, I reduced the whole FB 
control to 7 bits in Loop IV

also in this thread it was about the MIDI control of input and output.
Kim explained well about the input, which is not MIDI controllable at all.
The case of output is a little more complicated:
We can control the output volume of the CODEC by MIDI. Its only 6 
bits though. We use that for Velocity and Volume CC. The analog pedal 
controls a VCA, though, totally independent. Thats why the 
InterfaceModes that use the analog pedal for output volume control 
cannot be used with a MIDI pedal either.


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