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Re: Feedback Pedal

actually, i've been wondering about this too.
matthias has said in past messages that the edp uses an 8-bit (0-256) 
value for the feedback pedal,
but the midi continuous controller for feedback on the edp is 7-bit 

also, the some of the new features treat the front panel separately from 
the pedal.
which one does midi control in these cases?  it seems like you (kim) might 
be saying that 
midi feedback control always directly sets feedback regardless of mode.

> Kim,
> Can the EDP Feedback be controlled via midi such as an Expression
> connected to PMC10 (under Loop III), or is it strictly through the jack
> on the back of the EDP?  If it can be controlled via midi, is the
> response any different between analog or midi control?
> Thanks,
> Steve
> > or any source of midi continuous controllers. However, there are some 
> > things that can only be done with the pedal, especially some 
> > of the new 
> > interface modes in LoopIV.
> > 
> > kim