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RE: Feedback Pedal

At 12:24 PM 9/16/2002, M. Steven Ginn wrote:
>Can the EDP Feedback be controlled via midi such as an Expression
>connected to PMC10 (under Loop III), or is it strictly through the jack
>on the back of the EDP?

I think I answered that in the text you quoted from me below... yes, 
feedback can be controlled by midi continuous controller. See the Midi 
parameters on the front panel of the EDP? there is one called "FeedBkCont" 
which means "FeedBack Controller". This sets the cc number that controls 
feedback. It is also explained in the manual.

>If it can be controlled via midi, is the
>response any different between analog or midi control?

no. well theoretically you should get slightly better resolution from the 
analog control versus midi, since midi has 7 bits of resolution and the 
analog has 8. But in practice I've never been able to tell the difference.


> > or any source of midi continuous controllers. However, there are some
> > things that can only be done with the pedal, especially some
> > of the new
> > interface modes in LoopIV.
> >
> > kim

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