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Re: EDP feedback pedal by Oberheim

there is a whole page on the Looper's Delight Echoplex section just for 
footpedals. It's been there for many years:


The correct spec for the pot in the feedback pedal is 20kohm, linear pot. 
(not 10k as Matthias said.)

I suppose you could mount a pot right on your sax!


At 04:28 PM 3/18/2002, Per Boysen wrote:
>I have taken a Oberheim analog volum pedal for test from a store and have
>until tomorrow to decide of I shall buy it or not. It's working fine
>connected to the EDP feedback jack, but the feedback only goes up to 86.
>With a midi pedal it goes all the way to 127.
>Now, it's hard to find analog volum pedals, so I was thinking that I could
>maybe buy this one and replace the potentiometer? If so, what 
>should I go for? What's the specs?
>Or is it possible to define some "active zone" from the EDP? I don't 
>need the feedback to go all the way down to zero. Now it goes 0 - 86 but I
>would rather have it go 46 - 127, if now 86 is the available zone.
>I did search the archives for this but find nothing, which surprised me.
>Another interesting idea BTW:
>Have someone mounted a potentiometer on a guitar or bass for manipulating
>the EDP feedback? I cannot do this myself since I sometimes play sax, 
>keeps both hands more busy than the guitar, but I just got curious today
>when thinking about this :-)
>Best wishes
>Per Boysen

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