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Re: EDP feedback pedals

they are laughing at us now, Kim!
>  and you're being serious here? i'm just trying to picture you and
>  Matthias, sitting around, maybe over a cup of herbal tea, saying

this is not real. I rushed into his ofice and said angy: "so you say 
on the list that I am wrong while I can show you with the 

This is a week ago. I almost kept silent about it, but you deserve to 
know the full truth, after Kim said:

>there is a whole page on the Looper's Delight Echoplex section just 
>for footpedals. It's been there for many years:

>The correct spec for the pot in the feedback pedal is 20kohm, linear 
>pot. (not 10k as Matthias said.)

It actually sais "greater than 20k"

I did not look it up but took out the multimeter and in praxis the 
newer EDPs go to full Feedback arround 9 kOhm and the older ones 
arround 14kOhm.

Kim said, the value had to be lowered to meet the tolerances in 
comercial pedals.
Amazing tolerances, I must say... sure, there are a lot of pedals 
that mechanically dont use the whole range of the pot, but due to 
those, the good ones we recomment (I also mesured the  FV-50L and it 
goes to exactly 20k) are only used over half their range?
Is that fair? Well, its how it is now.
At least I wanted to say here what the real value is for those who 
want something acurate.

Now, to Per, I was going to say: "Since you have a new EDP, if you 
buy a 10k Bourns potentiometer you are fine, since those are probably 
5 or 10% tolerated."
But then you said that you are happy with a 250k pedal?? Probably a 
log, but even then...


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