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Re: Vortex in Repeater's effects loop

I use my vortex successfully, but only because I have it before a Digitech
DSP128, that has the ability to change it's inputs and outputs to line or
instrument level.  So, I have it set to take in the instrument level of the
Vortex, and spit out a line level for the Repeater.  I've got to keep the
input volume on the Vortex WAY down, but it's working fine for me.  It's an
amazing little combo.

You can buy small devices that convert line to instrument level signals, 
visa versa.  This may be the way to go.  I found that if I bought two of
those, it would be the equivalent of buying a used mutli-effects processor,
and since I already had the DSP128, it worked out fine.  Hope this helps.


jim palmer wrote:

> yeah, the vortex is an instrument level device
> designed for inline use with guitar, bass, etc..
> the repeater effects loop is line level.
> not much you can do but put a level boost after the vortex...
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> Sent: Monday, March 18, 2002 3:14 PM
> Subject: Vortex in Repeater's effects loop
> > I just got a Vortex and I have been using it in my Repeater's effects
> > loop.
> > It works great but one frustrating part is that when I engage the
> > effects loop it brings down
> > the output volume considerably. This is a problem when I switch the
> > effects loop on and
> > off which causes very noticeable volume fluctuations.
> >
> > I have the input level on the Vortex set just below the overload level
> > and the output volume is
> > at 64, which I assume is full.
> >
> > I am feeding my Repeater stereo inputs from my Pendulum Acoustic guitar
> > preamp and recording to track 1&2 and then to track 3&4. I first 
> > this problem when I recorded a loop to track 1&2 and then turned on the
> > effects loop. The volume dropped considerably.
> >
> > Is this a common problem with the vortex or is there something I'm 
> > wrong with the Repeater.
> >
> > Thanks any help is much appreciated!
> >
> > Kevin McPeak
> >
> >