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RE: EDP feedback pedal by Oberheim, also OT gig spam

I use one of the MIDI knobs on my ZTAR to control feedback . . . the other
knob for volume.  Most of the time . . .
And here's some OT gig spam--Dublin Square on 4th at Market Street downtown
San Diego tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:30--I'll be using the Ztar with a trio
(mostly folk music) and probably also using the EDP to loop percussion at
least--I don't really know, cause I've never played a gig with Mike Stewart
before, he of Raggle Taggle fame--but the other guy is the fellow I 
so long ago in Jackstraws, David Kendall, and I have a real good idea of
what he does--both are singing acoustic guitarist, not much single note
melody out of these boys, so I figure to play bass on the Ztar and then
switch to melody for solos.  So the bottom line is, <<<OT>>>--probably not 
loop gig per se--but come see me anyway, free beer for an LD T-shirt, blah,
blah, blah.

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From: Per Boysen [mailto:per@boysen.se]
Have someone mounted a potentiometer on a guitar or bass for manipulating
the EDP feedback? I cannot do this myself since I sometimes play sax, which
keeps both hands more busy than the guitar, but I just got curious today
when thinking about this :-)
Best wishes
Per Boysen