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Re: SONAR 2 announced, features cool loop-based synth

>(I personally dig the term "FSU" for the same sort of paradigm, as in
>"F*&% S*&^ Up.")
yeah; now, there's an acronym that warms the cockles of my own heart.....
in pretty regular use, over here, as far as idiomatic descriptions go.....

>And do you really think it's necessary to have 64-note triplet
>subdivisions to do a worthwhile drum and bass production?  
all ya gotta do is double (triple, whatever) the tempo, in order to get to 
the finer metric subdivisions, if that's what ya wanna do, anyways.....

>I've heard a
>lot of good work in that realm done strictly by chopping patterns into
>8th-notes and re-ordering the fragments that way. 
me, too..... esp. when the patterns include metric (and non-metric) 
beyond the 8th note.....
dt / splattercell