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RE: SONAR 2 announced,--Solicitation for beat chopping ideas in EDP

I'm trying to culminate some ideas on how to go about getting some more
interesting rhythm patterns out of my echoplex and turntable setup.

1 Echoplex
1 2-channel mixer
2 Turntables

Does anyone have any good techniques that they use, on the echoplex, to
double up and even triple up the beat?

I ask because I'm working on a mix piece for a mixoff, and I wanted to do a
lot of the things that I can do with ACID (Since I'm competing with a pool
of folks who prefer digital as their vehicle and can do a wide array of 
chopping) or any other music editing program.  I want to keep my piece
within the confines of what I would use in front of an audience, and the
echoplex is an integral piece thereof.

One of the things I'm looking to do is chop the beat up so that I can keep
cutting it in half and dramatically increasing the rhythmic tension, until

....In thinking about it, dt answered my question.
>all ya gotta do is double (triple, whatever) the tempo, in order to get to
the finer metric subdivisions, if that's what ya wanna do, anyways.....

Some thoughts of possible beat chops:

Using a record, record a tense bar

1 <--Kick drum
next loop
2 <--crash? Some kind of release into next passage

Awww, these are just neophyte attempts <--frustration at inarticulation of
an idea sets in....<anyone familiar with this rare syndrome... ;-)

So, I guess this is just a call for any creative rhythm bending techniques
with an echoplex.

Drum and Bassheads?
Classical musicians?
Kickass musicians?

Thanks for your valuable time and consideration,


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Sent: Thursday, March 14, 2002 9:23 AM
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Subject: Re: SONAR 2 announced, features cool loop-based synth

>(I personally dig the term "FSU" for the same sort of paradigm, as in
>"F*&% S*&^ Up.")
yeah; now, there's an acronym that warms the cockles of my own heart.....
in pretty regular use, over here, as far as idiomatic descriptions go.....

>And do you really think it's necessary to have 64-note triplet
>subdivisions to do a worthwhile drum and bass production?
all ya gotta do is double (triple, whatever) the tempo, in order to get to
the finer metric subdivisions, if that's what ya wanna do, anyways.....

>I've heard a
>lot of good work in that realm done strictly by chopping patterns into
>8th-notes and re-ordering the fragments that way.
me, too..... esp. when the patterns include metric (and non-metric) 
beyond the 8th note.....
dt / splattercell