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Re: SONAR 2 announced, features cool loop-based synth

Hey there Rick,

> So far the first version, to the best of my cursory examination, does not
> support quantize rates lower than
> 32nd note triplets.     In order to compose drum & bass, jungle or 
>glitch or
> skitter (all very popular new idioms
> in electronica and electronic pop) it is very necessary to have quantize 
> 64 note triplets if not higher.

What exactly is the difference between "glitch" and "skitter," and who
would you point towards as good examples of each?

I'm completey serious here!

(I personally dig the term "FSU" for the same sort of paradigm, as in
"F*&% S*&^ Up.")

And do you really think it's necessary to have 64-note triplet
subdivisions to do a worthwhile drum and bass production?  I've heard a
lot of good work in that realm done strictly by chopping patterns into
8th-notes and re-ordering the fragments that way.  (Not to mention the
mind-numbingly simple and straightforward drum patterns which seem to be
a prerequisite in so much jungle from the last several years...)

Certainly, if you're going in the Squarepusher/Aphex Twin/Hrvetski
direction, tighter resolution will help...  but then again, Tom
Jenkinson didn't even use a computer until "Big Loada"...!  Food for
thought, perhaps...

Ah well.

--Andre LaFosse