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SF Bay Area GIG SPAM: Fractal+Headshear+Loop.pooL Sat 16th Mar

Dear Loopers,

Just a quick e-mail to cordially invite folks to come and see Fractal
playing at the Quarternote in Sunnyvale, California on Sat 16th March.  We 
will be joined by our friends Headshear and Loop.pooL for a night filled 
with progressive, loopy and generally weird music.  We hope to have a lot 
fun and it would be great to have you join us.

Things will start at sometime around 8:30-8:45 and continue well into
the night.

    Who:    Fractal + Headshear + Loop.pooL
    When:   Sat 16th March 2002, 8:30pm til late
    Where: The Quarternote, 1214 Apollo Way (corner of Lawrence and
Central Expressways), Sunnyvale, CA

For further details and directions please visit our web site at

Hopefully we'll see some of you there.  If you come along, please come
and say hello...it'd be nice to meet some of the listers and put faces
to those names :o)


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