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Re: SONAR 2 announced, features cool loop-based synth

Cool news, about the new looping features of SONAR 2.    I really like the
layout of this program but there is one
feature that presents me from either using it or recommending it to my
students of electronic composition:

So far the first version, to the best of my cursory examination, does not
support quantize rates lower than
32nd note triplets.     In order to compose drum & bass, jungle or glitch 
skitter (all very popular new idioms
in electronica and electronic pop) it is very necessary to have quantize to
64 note triplets if not higher.

Has this issue been addressed in Sonar 2.     I know that Sonar is
considered to be slightly sub-professional, but I honestly think it would
give the expensive Cubase and Logic a run for their money if this issue 
The program is a lot more intuitive than either of those midi programs 

Good luck.   Thanks for sharing the news of another good looping tool for 
to explore.

Yours, Rick Walker  (aka, Loop.pooL)