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Re: reverso pedal mod

Hi Steve-

You asked the right guy.  Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you
on this, but I've kinda busy lately.

If your pedal has the quick-connect potentiometer leads, you can try
just flipping the connector around where it connects to the circuit
board.  The problem here is that the pot's taper isn't really ideal for
this situation, so it probably will give you an abrupt cutoff at the
end.  It's easy to try, however - just two screws.  While you're in
there, also try flipping the contour switch to see if it helps any.

Your best bet is to either turn the pedal around backwards and operate
it that way, or to press with your toe on the rear of the pedal to fade

You can switch the string around like Mr. Fowler suggested; however,
other than being a major pain in the ass to do, it will shorten the life
of your potentiometer since the pulley system is Engineered (that's a
word I like to use around here) to equalize out most of what would
otherwise be bending forces tweaking the pot's shaft.

A pan pedal would also work well as suggested, however I'm guessing that
you already have a mono pedal and don't want to blow another $150 or
whatever those things cost these days.

You other avenue is to try to locate a pot with a reverse taper to swap
with the one that's in there now.

Good luck and let me know what works best,


SRice wrote:
> Greetings,
> This may be a silly question, but can a EB volume pedal be
> modified to act as fader?  That is, up is full volume and
> down is silent.
> I want it to give a very clean fade out for my loops, and
> pushing down would be easier that lifting up.
> Send this on to customer service if the answer isn't easy.
> Yours in rhythm,
> Steve
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