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SONAR 2 announced, features cool loop-based synth

Hello loopers,

I've been dying to tell you guys (and gals) about this, but I had to wait
until today.  We announced SONAR 2.0 at Musik Messe today, and there's one
thing in particular will be of interest to this list, Cyclone DXi. I've 
playing around with the beta of it and I'm really psyched about it.

Here are Cyclone's key features:

Cyclone DXi is a 16-part, ACID-compatible, phrase sampler, loop trigger,
composition tool, and audio editor wrapped up in a single DXi synth. 

You basically have 16 pads where you can load ACID-compatible wav files and
then you can perform and record spontaneous compositions in real-time using
any MIDI device, MIDI tracks, a computer keyboard, or mouse.  

The loaded samples will match the tempo and pitch of your project.

You can rearrange, combine, slice, tweak, and customize samples to create
new grooves-even replace the sounds of one loop with other sounds while
retaining the rhythm of the original loop. You can export loop creations to
a new Groove clip that can be used in SONAR & other apps.

Cyclone supports multiple outputs & key mapping. 

If you want to read more about SONAR 2, we've posted the press release 


Let me know if you have any questions. I'll do my best to answer them.