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In a message dated 3/13/02 6:27:18 PM Eastern Standard Time, ArsOcarina@aol.com writes:

where I opened the concert by taking a hacksaw
to a beautiful, vintage Martin 000 12-string

when the "who" did this i cried because i just knew if i had something other than a STELLA the universe would be a better place.....ted, i gots to listen to your cd a few more times before i say more than "if you dont play guitar, you will blow up!".....andre, pay heed!.....wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.....max, you're next, im ready for a serious (yeah, sure) sitdown and listen, ive loved what i heard so far.....this might be pre-mature but andre, i like your solo and duet music more than the produced cd, it was more accessable to me as a solo player and it seemed "freer", ALTHOUGH  "disruption theory" is some "bad-assed loopin" and "wild lovely tones",  many more listens to ensue!.....anyone who wants to send me their music, please feel free to do so.....i will trade cd 4 cd.....michael k