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First post (with a link)

Hello, this is my first post to this list (I just
found about it today, via the David Torn list on
Yahoogroups). I'm a guitarist, and I've been
playing for a little less than 20 years now,
though I only started using any kind of looping
effects last year, when I got a Line 6 Delay

I don't have much to add to the discussion at the
moment, other than that I gave a performance on
Saturday night, my first real performance in
front of an audience, if anyone is interested in
hearing it, you can download the mp3 at the
following website: 

(I hope this is considered on topic) 

Apart from that, I'm looking into expanding my
setup, and I was wondering if anyone has any
suggestions. For one thing, I really want to use
the Line 6 pedal more for delay effects than
looping (I especially like the Echoplex
simulations, gives you those early David Gilmour
effects real easily), so I need to get another
looping device. Anyone have any thoughts on the
Gibson Echoplex, Boomerang and/or Boss Loop
Station? I tried the Loop Station out at the
local Sam Ash music, and it seemed ok, but it
looks like you actually have to stop the loop
before you can throw it into reverse mode. The
others I haven't had a chance to try out, so I'm
not sure what I should go with. 

Also, anyone have any suggestions for a good
mixer with aux sends on each channel that'll
allow me to mix the various signal paths (ie
straight guitar, looping device 1, looping device
2, etc) into stereo? 

And one other thing: I'm toying with the idea of
playing tapes and/or radio through the pickups on
my guitar (I have a stock Mexican Standard
Strat), but the signal seems to be too weak
unless I use my distortion pedal. I'd like to be
able to preserve at least some of the clarity of
the "sampled" material, in case I should want
something to be heard clearly (like say, if I was
sampling a favorite line of dialog from a movie).
Would a compressor solve this problem? I was also
looking at the Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive, because
of it's "clean boost" feature, but I'm not sure
if that'll give me what I'm looking for (other
than an apparently excellent overdrive effect,
but that's another story altogether). 

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