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Re: Repeater MIDI controller question

hey rich, thanks for the insight!  i really appreciate
it.  i'm definitely going to look into the behringer
fcb 1010, because as i said, i am only looking to
control the repeater.

how did you come up with your setup?  is there a
recommended site to look at for help with this?  i
took a few midi classes a few years back in school but
pretty much learned the basics using the gear in our
school's lab.  i'm getting back into it and trying to
catch myself up on developments with the gear, and i'm
not all that familiar with setting up a floor
controller to master over a unit like the repeater. 
will instructions be provided with the fcb 1010?

thanks again for the help...it was really informative!

e va n|s sa b
--- rich <rich@nuvisionsca.com> wrote:
> >I think the current consensus is the behringer box,
> at around $129. Right
> >guys?
> >
> >I'm waiting for mine to arrive, but from the looks
> of it's manuals, it's a
> >powerful beast.
> >
> >  > what is the cheapest and best (i realize that
> those 2
> >>  contradict each other) MIDI controller to use
> with
> >  > this unit?
> I've just been digging further down into the
> Repeater lately, 
> controlling it with the Behringer FCB 1010.  Pretty
> nice combination 
> for the money, IMO.  Nobody has got a pedal in that
> price range that 
> can do as much.
> The combination of the Repeater's midi
> implementation and the 
> Behringer works pretty well, especially if the
> Repeater is the ONLY 
> beast you're controlling.  This is due to the fact
> that the midi 
> channel of the CC's (2), program changes (5) and the
> expression 
> pedals (2) that the 1010 can send need to be setup
> GLOBALLY.  this 
> kindof sucks, since you might want the expression
> pedals to control 
> one unit on one patch, but another unit on another
> patch.  No can do 
> on the 1010.  If expression pedal 1 is setup to
> transmit on midi 
> channel 2, then it's ALWAYS going out on channel 2,
> no matter what 
> preset.
> that being said, if the Repeater is the only thing
> you're 
> controlling, assign EVERYTHING to the appropriate
> midi channel and 
> start programming!  (your feet may be sore from the
> tap dancing you 
> will have to do to program this thing, but at least
> your back won't 
> be.  once the GLOBAL setup is done, you can program
> it totally from 
> foot presses.  no bending over...
> Controlling the Repeater with the 1010 is super
> cool.  If you get a 
> newer unit, or can download the web update onto
> EPROM, you can also 
> (supposedly) copy patches, which would cut down the
> tap dancing 
> considerably.
> My setup is currently only using Patch Bank 00 and
> 01, for the 
> moment, and the other patch banks are coming along
> as i get more 
> comfortable with the unit.  It looks like this
> bank 00
> pedal 1:  record/overdub
> pedal 2:  play
> pedal 3:  stop
> pedal 4:  undo
> pedal 5:  reverse
> pedal 6:  record track select - scrolls through 1-4
> pedal 7:  loop select (down)
> pedal 8:  loop select (up)
> pedal 9:  multiply x2
> pedal 10:  loop erase
> exp pedal 1:  overdub feedback
> exp pedal 2:  pitch/time (down)  pedal all the way
> forward = normal 
> pitch, anything back from that takes pitch and time
> down, down, down, 
> like a digitech rds/pds thing...it's nice that when
> you just slam the 
> thing forward, everything comes back into pitch. 
> you don't have to 
> guess.  also, my play button also has a CC command
> to bring it back 
> to pitch, too.  so if you are doing something
> whacked pitch wise, you 
> can hit one button and you're back to normal.
> note:  playing with this pitch/time bend function
> via the exp pedal, 
> whilst playing with track pitch via the front panel
> leads to some 
> VERY disorientating effects!
> bank 01
> pedal 1:  record/overdub
> pedal 2:  play
> pedal 3:  stop
> pedal 4:  undo
> pedal 5:  reverse
> pedal 6:  jamman fade medium
> pedal 7:  jamman fade long
> pedal 8:  jamman cue loop 1
> pedal 9:  jamman cue loop 2
> pedal 10:  loop erase
> exp pedals:  not implemented.....yet!
> so, a hearty recommendation for the
> behringer/repeater combo.  i am 
> really trying to get into the meat of this setup. 
> it holds some very 
> cool potential.  one of my recent favorites is to
> setup a backing 
> drone on one track, switch to a new track and start
> playing.  stay in 
> record/overdub and turn the feedback down to 0 with
> the exp pedal. 
> Now the drone continues, but you only get ONE repeat
> of the phrase 
> you just played last, and next time around, you will
> hear what you 
> what you are playing....well....NOW.   and so on and
> so on.
> ps.  i originally thought that the overdub feedback
> thing was global, 
> that all tracks would fade... not so!  how freaking
> cool is that to 
> have controllable feedback across 4 seperate tracks!
> pss.  this is a deliberate crib of what i gleaned
> from watching 
> Matthias play at loopstock.  it's a great way to
> duet with yourself, 
> but not get caught into a 'static' loop.  each time
> through, it 
> changes!  reminds me a bit of the back and forth
> 'trading solos' of 
> Tabla players.  The Repeater does have a Multiply x2
> function.  If 
> there was a easy way to 'trim x2', or something like
> that, you could 
> really get into that Tabla solo trade thing, since
> they trade solos 
> of  16 bars, then 8 bars, then 4, then 2, then 1,
> then 1/2, and so 
> on...
> I haven't figured out an easy way to do that in a
> button push, but 
> i'll keep trying!
> sorry for the long read,
> best,
> rich

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