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Re: Repeater MIDI controller question

>hey rich, thanks for the insight!  i really appreciate
>it.  i'm definitely going to look into the behringer
>fcb 1010, because as i said, i am only looking to
>control the repeater.

you're very welcome...

>how did you come up with your setup?  is there a
>recommended site to look at for help with this?  i
>took a few midi classes a few years back in school but
>pretty much learned the basics using the gear in our
>school's lab.  i'm getting back into it and trying to
>catch myself up on developments with the gear, and i'm
>not all that familiar with setting up a floor
>controller to master over a unit like the repeater.
>will instructions be provided with the fcb 1010?

hmmm...if you had told me that before, i'd be asking you questions!!!
classes?  what's a class?  :)

naw, i'm a self taught kinda dude who happens to be a gearhead geek. 
lots of trial and error, experimenting and such.  plus a bad back 
from bending over and twiddling knobs, repatching, pounding the floor 
in frustration and the like!
i'm sure there are websites out there with midi-fied information, but 
i doubt if there's anything specific to the 1010 and the Repeater.

the behringer manual is fairly straightforward.  there is a chart and 
description for how to do the GLOBAL and PROGRAMMING setups. and once 
you've assigned the midi channels, it's just digging in and 
programming each pedal in each patch to do what you want.  time 
consuming, but kinda like riding a bike as it gets easier and faster 
as you go.

i'd absolutely LOVE it if someone came up with a software patch 
editor for this thing, like they ship with the Knobby controllers. 
that way we could edit quickly, save the whole thing, trade setups 
with other users, etc.  ah well, someday?  i'm sure not the code 
programming type, so i'll have to let others do that task.

if you get the pedal, feel free to email me off list if you need any 
specific questions answered.