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Re: Repeater MIDI controller question


there's reference charts in the repeater manual online, download
the updated one if you don't have it from electrix's site.
you'll need to follow the instructions for the 1010 in it's
manual for the procdure to program the switches, and use the
repeater reference charts to determine what specific messages to
program.  i also recommend checking the repeater forum (there's
a link on electrix's website) for repeater/1010 info, the 1010
is a popular controller for the repeater.

there are often two different ways to address parameters on the
repeater via midi, program change (PC) messages and countinuous
controller (CC) messages.  PC messages work well for switchlike
on/off functions, and CC's are what you primarily use for other
functions with more variable ranges.

programming PC messages is very simple.  you can have up to 5 PC
messages sent with one footswitch press on the 1010.  you go
into edit mode and simple dial up the PC message(s) you want to
send for a particular switch.

programming CC messages only requires one more step - defining
the specific CC value to send (or defining the range of values
to send, in the case of the two assignable sweep pedals).
therefore, you need to program which CC message type to send
(out of the repeater manual) and what value to send with it.

once you've programmed a few switches it should make a lot more
sense.  i've found it very easy to program the 1010 for the
repeater, especially with the 'copy presets' function in the
newer 1010 model.  as rich said, you can actually program it
very easily with your feet once you have the global MIDI
channels selected (if you're only controlling the repeater, you
can probably just skip this step, the 1010 is set to MIDI
channel 1 by default, and so is the repeater - i think -
although it's easy to check on the back dial and set it to MIDI
channel 1 if you need to).

with 10 switches per bank you can actually set up a lot of
really cool and useful patch sets.  i'm using two switches for
'record' and 'play' in overwrite mode so that i can drop-in and
out new material on existing tracks, for example, by rapidly
tapping the two switches with my feet.  good thing i play
sitting down though, i want two feet to use with this.

hope this helps,


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> hey rich, thanks for the insight!  i really appreciate
> it.  i'm definitely going to look into the behringer
> fcb 1010, because as i said, i am only looking to
> control the repeater.
> how did you come up with your setup?  is there a
> recommended site to look at for help with this?  i
> took a few midi classes a few years back in school but
> pretty much learned the basics using the gear in our
> school's lab.  i'm getting back into it and trying to
> catch myself up on developments with the gear, and i'm
> not all that familiar with setting up a floor
> controller to master over a unit like the repeater.
> will instructions be provided with the fcb 1010?
> thanks again for the help...it was really informative!
> e va n|s sa b