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Repeater MIDI controller question

greetings my loopaz,

i recently purchased an electrix repeater (by the way,
this is an unbelievable machine!)...and i'm working
with a 3 switch digitech foot switch to access my
record/play/overdub, play/stop, and undo/redo
functions.  now this is all great and dandy, but as a
live musician, i need the ability to access all of the
commands found on the front panel...wherein comes the
MIDI controller.

i've been sifting through the archives trying several
different search topics, but can't seem to find what
i'm looking for...

what is the cheapest and best (i realize that those 2
contradict each other) MIDI controller to use with
this unit?  i'm not looking to have a controller for
anything but the repeater.  i pretty much need
something that will allow me to access most to all of
the repeaters functions, but i do not have an
elaborate setup of gear...pretty much just my bass
into a few stomp boxes, then to the repeater...and
hence, i don't need to spend extra cash to get
capabilities that i have no use for currently.  

as always, any and all help is appreciated!

swimming in the loop pool,
e va n|s sa b

ps. any new york musicians looking to get together and
jam, drop me a line privately.

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