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gigspam: craque shows on the horizon

howdy fellow music makers... craque is on the scene with loopy beats
and improvised dreamscapes:

      - TONIGHT, Monday, March 11
        Abstract Sessions @ Smartbar
        Live Craque
           One of the best 'intelligent' dance music nights in Chicago
           brings in Synesthesia residents for a night of cool tunes and
           visual delights. DJ Dumb American will also be spinning IDM
           and techno.
        10p-4a, 21+, $2

      - Thursday, March 14
        Synesthesia @ BigWig
        Live Craque
           "Laptop Seduction" - Heavy Petting / Craque
        9p-2a, 21+, $5 - Craque will probably be on first from 9-11

feel free to email me with any questions about the shows!

(aka Craque)