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Re: Repeater MIDI controller question

I was unsatisfied with the Rolls MidiWizard and the Yamaha MIDI
Controller.  I've heard good things about the Behringer, and it's
cheaper than the Rolls or the Yamaha at $129.  It should be here
sometime this week, I'll post a review when I check it out.

Mark Sottilaro

Evan Meyers wrote:

> greetings my loopaz,
> i recently purchased an electrix repeater (by the way,
> this is an unbelievable machine!)...and i'm working
> with a 3 switch digitech foot switch to access my
> record/play/overdub, play/stop, and undo/redo
> functions.  now this is all great and dandy, but as a
> live musician, i need the ability to access all of the
> commands found on the front panel...wherein comes the
> MIDI controller.
> i've been sifting through the archives trying several
> different search topics, but can't seem to find what
> i'm looking for...
> what is the cheapest and best (i realize that those 2
> contradict each other) MIDI controller to use with
> this unit?  i'm not looking to have a controller for
> anything but the repeater.  i pretty much need
> something that will allow me to access most to all of
> the repeaters functions, but i do not have an
> elaborate setup of gear...pretty much just my bass
> into a few stomp boxes, then to the repeater...and
> hence, i don't need to spend extra cash to get
> capabilities that i have no use for currently.
> as always, any and all help is appreciated!
> swimming in the loop pool,
> e va n|s sa b
> evanmeyers@yahoo.com
> ps. any new york musicians looking to get together and
> jam, drop me a line privately.
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