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Re: edp volume query

>my path: alembic preamp = a) edp - eventide - power amp
>                          b) eventide - power amp

Perhaps try this:  Go straight out of the preamp into the EDP, Y the
output of the EDP into the Eventide (this may not even be necessary),
then go stereo into the power amp?


Hans Lindauer wrote:
> Hi Jim-
> Sorry to take this off-list, but as I'm on the digest version of LD,
> messages can take a while for me to get.
> I think there must be a way to get your gains balanced without adding an
> additional stage.  Could you please run your signal chain by me again?
> Also: do you have a gain control on each side of your amp, or at least a
> pan?
> Thanx,
> -Hans