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Re: edp volume query

taking the outs from the edp with a Y cable defeats the purpose of having
the loop on one side, which is the way i use it half of the time.  
i want the edp on both sides, other times i just want it on one (use the
other side for a live feed).

the edp is definitely quieter...too quiet.  before i stuck it in my rack, i
was using it with another amp.  even then the input was super-sensitive and
the maxed output was still a big drop in volume compared to my signal path
with the edp removed.

i didn't have this problem with my akai headrush.  the edp is so much 
than the akai...can't even compare the quality but i can't understand why
the edp has such a big pad on it.  with my akai, there was no difference in
volume with the unit in the path.  not so with the edp.  i would think it
would be transparent, volume-wise.