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RE: Gig spam--in two hours in San Diego

>** well this brings up an interesting issue, or series of issues.
>how much looping does one need to have on a "looping gig"?

Yeah, that is the question, and that is why I was on the lookout for LD 
so I could lean on looping if someone was interested.  My real desire is to
have looping integrated so well that no one mentions it as separate from 
performance, and that has been happening of late.  It is also my intent of
course to spread the gospel of the loop, somewhat contradictory goals I
suppose, and I see gig spam as serving that purpose.  And I was delighted 
attend the Scot Ray gig with Nels doing looping, even tho the loop content
was probably 3-5%.
Last night I used the looping as backing for my solos, such that when Tim
would play steel, I would play live, and when I knew it was going to be my
turn to solo, I would record a chorus (either ending the loop at the
beginning of my solo or ending the loop with mute so as to have it "in the
can") to provide backing.  Hardly the most inspired of uses for magic
technology, but certainly suiting my needs.  My question is, does that
"qualify"?  I don't really know myself . . .  But in a solo setting, I 
(oh gosh, and plan to) use the looping almost full time, so as to create 
artifacts of a band experience (or whatever).
Anybody else?