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Re: Gig spam--in two hours in San Diego

I saw Max looping with multiple alligator clips in SLO- but they had 
sleeves that were not the least bit melted or resinated so I'm not sure if
your theory holds true there-

Rich and I discussed this before the show- and I felt strongly that yes it
would be expected there be some type of looping but that there are no real
guidelines or quotas- some utilize looping overtly and obviously and others
in a more subtle way- the piece we did involved creating a lot of textures
and spaces and didn't really sound like looping in the sense that it may
have been hard to identify the looped phrase- I would hate to feel 
in any way and I don't think anyone here expects that-


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> >** well this brings up an interesting issue, or series of issues.
> >how much looping does one need to have on a "looping gig"?
> >
> >is it 100%, 80%, 70%, 50%?
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