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Re: Gig spam--in two hours in San Diego

I think it's very important in our day and age to be looping 
evanglists.  Maybe not bill a show as a looping show, but perhaps talk a 
little of how the loopage is happening.  If people are paying attention, 
they'll realize that the music is being looped, but some will wonder why 
and how.  Gig spam wont help answer that question.  How many times have 
you heard the sound of an instrument and said, "THAT TONE!  What kind 
of ________ is that?  What kind of amp are they using?"  Same holds true 
for effect processors, as a lot of people came up to me after our show 
at SLO and asked about the Alesis AirFX.  The AirFX might not be around 
much longer, but if enough people buy up existing stock, perhaps it will 
live again.  Maybe some things are just meant to live in esoterica, and 
die out, becoming a "rare jem, before it's time."  I hope this doesn't 
hold true for the current looping hardware choices we have.

Remember, the more people that loop, the more loopers people will buy, 
the more they will make, the more they'll sink R&D into improving new 
Looping devices.  We're VERY lucky to have the labor of love that is the 

Mark Sottilaro

On Friday, March 8, 2002, at 11:26  AM, Gary Lehmann wrote:
>   My real desire is to
> have looping integrated so well that no one mentions it as separate 
> from the
> performance, and that has been happening of late.  It is also my intent 
> of
> course to spread the gospel of the loop, somewhat contradictory goals I
> suppose, and I see gig spam as serving that purpose.