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RE: Gig spam--in two hours in San Diego

Title: RE: Gig spam--in two hours in San Diego

also no LD folks (that I could tell), which is probably fine, since there was roughly as much looping
on this gig as on the one I slammed Stig about last year--

** well this brings up an interesting issue, or series of issues. how much looping does one need to have on a "looping gig"?

is it 100%, 80%, 70%, 50%?

if one is doing improv and the spirit of the evening drives one away from doing 70% or more looping, does it make it a non-looping gig? a follow-up would be what's more important, the amount of looping or following the music? (in other words, does the technique drive the gig or the music?)

i've had a few people ask me if i was going to go to one of the looping fests and play. my response i both cases was taht i wasn't sure that i would be doing enough looping to "qualify" . . . depending on what moved me that night, i might not pass the litmus test of having enough looping content, or that the way id o it would be considered appropriate.

just wondering,


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