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Re: Cali Loop Tour 2002?! - Narrowing it down

OK... let's see here.

It would be great to have Dr. Zvonar along as well.  What a motley crew
this could shape up to be!

Here's a proposal: I suggest that any subsequent scheduling issues try
to be arranged around Matthias' presence in the Bay Area.  Max/RZ/the
Walkers/Myself/Hans are all natives, and can do a Cali thing any time
(relatively speaking, obviously).  But a US-based Grob is a rare and
valuable thing.  

I'm guessing a weekend would be best for a Bay Area thing, since that
would probably involve the largest number of list members.  (Certainly,
anything even remotely approaching a clinic is going to be missing
something without Kim's presence there).  

What about something like...

-- A Thursday in SLO

-- A Friday in Santa Cruz

-- A Weekend in the Bay Area, with maybe a clinic plus a seperate gig or
two somewhere else in the vicinity.

-- Possibly a Monday or Tuesday somewhere on the way back down, i.e.
Santa Barbara, LA, or someplace else. 

What would be the possibility of renting some sort of transportation? 
Having one vehicle for gear hauling and personal transport could make
things more economical in terms of not having to spend the same gas
money for every single person...  At least carpooling, perhaps?

OK, somebody else's turn.