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Re: Loopstock 2002...

Thank you Matthias, you compliments are deeply appreciated...especially 
since I was so deeply moved by your mesmerizing and beautiful performance!
>Max deeply moved me. He spreads a lot of love, musically and
>personally. And he gave me a marvelous CD!

>Hopefully other partners can hook up even more spontaneously at the
>next meeting. It gives each one more time to play ;-)
>Can you hear what comes out if Max throws me a MIDIclock line? Its my
>dream for next time ;-)
...Next time, Matthias! My dream, too! Definitely will have a MIDIclock 
there, and hopefully a lot of other loopers will too!
So, when and where is the NEXT ONE?  Count me there, wherever it is.
....hmmmm .....how about a California Looper's Tour?  There's some food 

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