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Even though plenty has been said about it, I just wanted to throw in my 

First of all I would like to offer the obligatory but completely necessary 
"thank you" to Hans. I'm sure that this wasn't exactly a joy to put 
together, but I sure hope it was worth it for you. (I know it was for 
everyone else)

Secondly I would like to thank all of the wonderful performers who made it 
such a terrific experience. You were all so amazing and inspirational. I 
been feeling uninspired and hadn't picked up any of my instruments in a 
months, but the second I got back to my house I went into my "studio" and 
didn't come out for hours.

I had a great time, well worth the trip all of the performances were 
and diverse. From the lush textures emanating from Mark Hamburg's 
Klein (funny, a week ago I was proud of my Steiny GK4T) to the wall of 
Ted Killian coaxed from his mod'd RD Artist. From Steve Rice's wonderfully 
constructed ethno-soundscapes to Rich and Cliff's psychedelic-trance 
assault. From Sleeping's brand of techno-funk to Armatronix's electronica 
extravaganza. My girlfriend (whose only previous looping experience was 
LA Loopfest last year) was really impressed how looping transcends genres 
and instrument limitations, and Loopstock really drove that home with such 
an eclectic mix of instrumentalists and styles even to the point of 
musicians to break free of their instrument's long standing roles. (Who 
would have thought a tuba could create such beautifully atmospheric music?)

I'd love to give a performance by performance review, but everyone else 
already done this so well.

My only complaint was that I was digging all of the music so much, I 
didn't get a chance to socialize and I was really looking forward to 
those of you who were there. Oh well maybe next time :)

Thanks again to everyone involved.

Loop on.

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