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Re: Move aside LaFosse, the S'man is now an EDPster... :o)

Fair enough, S-Man, as I've been playing in a looping duo with a
keyboardist lately.  I guess now we need to see which one of us can cop
as many tricks as possible from the other's bag!  ;)  (I expect we'll be
utterly indistiguishable from one another around 2007...)

Congratulations on the acquisition!  I think you'll find the shift from
DL4 to EDP similar to going from a scientific calculator to a Pentium 4
PC.  Hint of the decade: Quantize changes EVERYTHING.

By the way, I haven't been able to access your site via the standard URL
for several days now...  Wha'appen?

Yours is transcontinental EDP-mongering down-homeyness,

--Andre LaFosse

Steve Lawson wrote:
> ...OK, so it'll take me about four years to learn half of what Andre 
>does with this 'ere box,
> but I've got one, and will be foisting my down-homey bass stylings on 
>the masses avec
> le EDP as soon as I get some more gigs (ie, when my bass/piano duet CD 
>comes out in
> April) - I've only had the EDP plugged in for about half an hour, but 
>have already
> seriously rearranged one of my pieces to work with it (and made said 
>tune about twice
> as long in the process - prog-bass sir? that'll do nicely!)
> Now it's time to get stuck in and see what weirdness I can come up with 
>- and also to
> wade into the archives to reread all those 'how do you do... with an 
>EDP?' threads that I
> deleted on arrival before today... :o)
> This is one seriously fun box - I've got it hooked up in series with my 
>MPX-G2, DL4,
> JamMan then EDP, in the FX loop of my Ashdown C110-300 combo - pretty 
>damn fine
> signal change - and Max, aux sends schmaux sends - running gear is 
>series is that way
> to go - that way you can reloop your loops! :o) ...unless that is you 
>have digital switching
> matrix that allows you to have each in an aux send of it's own and 
>reposition them at
> will. I spoke with a friend of mine who works for SSL recently, and he 
>offered to build me
> one for about 25 grand... :o)
> cheers
> Steve, down-homey EDPster
> www.steve-lawson.co.uk (if that's still not working, try
> www.users.zetnet.co.uk/stevelawson )