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Move aside LaFosse, the S'man is now an EDPster... :o)

...OK, so it'll take me about four years to learn half of what Andre does 
with this 'ere box, 
but I've got one, and will be foisting my down-homey bass stylings on the 
masses avec 
le EDP as soon as I get some more gigs (ie, when my bass/piano duet CD 
comes out in 
April) - I've only had the EDP plugged in for about half an hour, but have 
seriously rearranged one of my pieces to work with it (and made said tune 
about twice 
as long in the process - prog-bass sir? that'll do nicely!) 

Now it's time to get stuck in and see what weirdness I can come up with - 
and also to 
wade into the archives to reread all those 'how do you do... with an EDP?' 
threads that I 
deleted on arrival before today... :o) 

This is one seriously fun box - I've got it hooked up in series with my 
MPX-G2, DL4, 
JamMan then EDP, in the FX loop of my Ashdown C110-300 combo - pretty damn 
signal change - and Max, aux sends schmaux sends - running gear is series 
is that way 
to go - that way you can reloop your loops! :o) ...unless that is you have 
digital switching 
matrix that allows you to have each in an aux send of it's own and 
reposition them at 
will. I spoke with a friend of mine who works for SSL recently, and he 
offered to build me 
one for about 25 grand... :o) 


Steve, down-homey EDPster
www.steve-lawson.co.uk (if that's still not working, try 
www.users.zetnet.co.uk/stevelawson )