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Re: prog-rock (way off-topic)

as i happened to say before,

>...although i'm still fuzzy on what
>: exactly a 'prog' rock band is...

and since bands like Tool and The Ventures got thrown into the mix as 

i will say thank you, David, for grilling me on my inaccuracies of 
lumping krautrock and spacerock bands into the prog-rock genre.

heartfelt apologies all around.


>: Can
>: Neu!
>: Amon Duul
>: Tangerine Dream
>: Hawkwind
>Can, Neu!, and Amon Duul II fall under Krautrock, not prog, with Amon Duul
>II (and Amon Duul I also, I'd say) falling sideways into spacerock.
>Tangerine Dream never fit into the prog-rock category, either.
>Electronic-experimental initially, then various forms of ambient, and,
>finally, some flavors of New Age.
>Hawkwind are definitely not prog.  Spacerock all the way, those boys.  One
>of a kind, despite all the personnel changes.
>Van Der Graaf Generator/Van Der Graaf fell in and out of the prog-rock and
>spacerock categories, but as they tended to be all over the place, I would
>hesitate to use the prog label as a focus.  Both the drummer and sax/flute
>player were quite accomplished jazz players, the keyboards player went on 
>build organs for churches, and the vocalist, Peter Hammill, turned up at 
>point with an opera in hand.