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RE: echoplex question

I wanna go to SLO sooo bad . .
But at least I can loop at home, and here's the latest--
I constructed a patch on the PMC to do the thing this thread is about (go 
the archives if you have forgotten) and it works like a charm.  Here's the
Step on the switch and a command for overdub and zero feedback is sent to
the EDP.  Release the switch and a command for overdub and 100% feedback 
to speak) is sent to the EDP.  The cool thing about this is, as long as you
keep your foot on the switch (if it's momentary--if it is configured as
toggle you don't have to keep your foot down--hmmm, maybe I should change
that) the source material is repeated once along with the new source
material (I'm playing guitar, but same no matter), so you can play an
extended "duet", two-part invention sort of thing, and then when noodling
grows tiresome, play chords the last time and noodle some more over a chord
progression.   Lots of other possibilities here.  So thanks for making me
think of this one, it's (as Jonathan said) a real musical approach, and
because of the zero feedback thing, less tiresome than the lobster trap
Back to playing--best to all in SLO on Saturday!