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Re: echoplex question

Cliff Evan 
this will not happen in the next update this is impossible with the
current hardware
there is a lot more than this in the echoplex please go there and take
your time:


"Clifford@BienAppraisers" wrote:
> I can't think of any way to do what you want on the EDP- the EDP does 
> things the Repeater can't do and likewise the Rptr can do some things the
> EDP cannot- read the archives- download the manuals- browse the LD 
> etc.
> To do what you want on the Rptr you only need to use 2 tracks and turn 
> fist down to leave the second-
> Cliff
> PS- There is a chance that the function you are looking for will become
> available with the EDP update coming out sometime this year-