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Re: EDP hardware (2 EDPs)

>Having just gotten the second EDP, I'm still working things out.
>What I've done so far is get a cheap AB switch to put between the EFC-7 
>the EDPs. (A note for anyone else doing this: Spend a little more money 
>I did and get a footswitch with LEDs to tell you which channel is active.)
>I suspect that there will be functions that I wish I could get to a little
>more quickly than the AB switch allows -- e.g., dedicated mute switches --
>but I'm going to have to see how that works out.

sounds good!
Either you use a double contact switch with the typical resistors for 
Mute in series (as on LD) or some buffering, because if you use a 
single contact with two resistors to each plex, those build a bridge 
when the button is not pressed.
I can say more about this if someone really does it.

>I'm also positioning my
>rack where I can reach it while playing.
>My plan had been to use separate feedback pedals for each unit, but right
>now I'm fighting with the fact that the new unit seems to have trouble 
>my EV-5s even though the old unit works perfectly with them.

I am very sorry for this, but cannot tell what the problem is. It 
looks like a waranty replacement case. Maybe some wrong resistor 
value or a solder bridge... I wonder how this escaped from our 
marvelous automatic autotest program?

>on 2/18/02 11:55 PM, Matthias Grob at matthias@grob.org wrote:
>>  I just set up for this again. I had it years ago and was not quite
>>  ripe, musically.
>>  And just like you, I thought stereo was more important, and now
>>  changed my mind.
>>  Do you use just one Pedal board, switched?
>>  I just feel like having the FB controlled for both simultaneously,
>>  sometimes, or Mute, but not Overdub... the solution may be MIDI once
>>  again...


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