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RE: echoplex question

>I wanna go to SLO sooo bad . .
>But at least I can loop at home, and here's the latest--
>I constructed a patch on the PMC to do the thing this thread is about (go 
>the archives if you have forgotten) and it works like a charm.  Here's the
>Step on the switch and a command for overdub and zero feedback is sent to
>the EDP.  Release the switch and a command for overdub and 100% feedback 
>to speak) is sent to the EDP.  The cool thing about this is, as long as 
>keep your foot on the switch (if it's momentary--if it is configured as
>toggle you don't have to keep your foot down--hmmm, maybe I should change
>that) the source material is repeated once along with the new source
>material (I'm playing guitar, but same no matter), so you can play an
>extended "duet", two-part invention sort of thing, and then when noodling
>grows tiresome, play chords the last time and noodle some more over a 
>progression.   Lots of other possibilities here.  So thanks for making me
>think of this one, it's (as Jonathan said) a real musical approach, and
>because of the zero feedback thing, less tiresome than the lobster trap

this is what we call substitute now. In Loop3 its "rehearse" and can 
only be reached at the beginning by Record-Insert (when 
InsertMode=rhr) and you come out of it with either Overdub or Insert.
In Loop4 there is a InsertMode Sub which makes Insert do what you 
invented by MIDI, exept that its toggeling or sustaining, depending 
on how long you press!

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