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repeater tempo question

hey loopers,

is it possible to do some sort of overall tempo lock on the Repeater?

for example:  if i record some drum loops onto the CFC.  loop 1-4 are 
variations of a theme and recorded at 100bpm.

lets say i tap in a tempo at 80bpm live...and i want to switch from 
loop 1 to loop 4, then back to 1 and such.

even if i've tapped in 80bpm for loop one, when i switch to loop 4, 
it will go up to 100bpm as originally recorded, yes?

is there any way to lock in the tapped tempo and ALL loops conform to that?

i know this is a global feature in the new line6 echo pro...to have 
all the delays lock to a tempo as you switch between them.

any suggestions?

best regards,