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Re: doublenecks - even more OT


(I think I've mentioned this before, so if you've heard this one, delete

Just a little aside on this one.  I too used to think that my neck/shoulder
pain was caused by too much weight from my guitars and bass'.  I came 
a book called "Healing Back Pain" by Dr. John Sarno.  AMAZING.  It turned
out that any residual soreness goes away fairly quickly in a healthy human.
We're built to take some punishment.  What we're not built for is to live 
a world where stress has no physical outlet.  We're built to run away, from
animals that are trying to eat us, and run towards things to eat.

Anyway, check out the book if you have back issues.  I swear it was an
amazing cure for me.  It's not the answer for everyone, for sure, but if
you're having guitar related back issues, it could very well be based on
angst.  I played a gig with John Wagner a few months ago, with a show the
night before.  My neck and back were really acting up.  We ended up playing
from 8PM to 2AM.  A long time to have an instrument around your neck.  I
woke up the next day with no pain at all.  I was worried about the gig.  My
back was fine.  I've found that lifting some weights gives your body a much
needed physical outlet for stress.

Hope this helps anyone,

Mark Sottilaro
> I was out of touch with this guy for about 30 years, but when I
> finally did see him he spent the whole time lying down on a soft
> couch - chronic back pain caused by years of wearing a double-neck
> guitar on stage.