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Re: repeater tempo question

Yep, the Repeater can certainly do this just by pressing the 'tempo lock'
button which is probably midi assignable too.
Buy one.  They rock!!!
ps.  check the main input pot for scratchiness though.  I think there was a
QC issue with this as mine has this problem.  Nothing major but still.....
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From: "rich" <rich@nuvisionsca.com>
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Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2002 3:24 AM
Subject: repeater tempo question

> hey loopers,
> is it possible to do some sort of overall tempo lock on the Repeater?
> for example:  if i record some drum loops onto the CFC.  loop 1-4 are
> variations of a theme and recorded at 100bpm.
> lets say i tap in a tempo at 80bpm live...and i want to switch from
> loop 1 to loop 4, then back to 1 and such.
> even if i've tapped in 80bpm for loop one, when i switch to loop 4,
> it will go up to 100bpm as originally recorded, yes?
> is there any way to lock in the tapped tempo and ALL loops conform to
> i know this is a global feature in the new line6 echo pro...to have
> all the delays lock to a tempo as you switch between them.
> any suggestions?
> best regards,
> rich