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Re: EDP Delay+Mute Mode Request

I came upon this feature on the Repeater, though I don't think it was
intended to work this way by the creators.  While having the effects loop
open and on the loop (as opposed to before the loop) I accidentally left my
Warp Factory on "source kill", which essentially mutes any output in the
absence of a formant signal.  Initially, I wondered, "Where the hell is my
loop?"  When I killed the effect loop, "woop" there is was, in all it 
Surprise!  Look what I did!  Very cool.  Since then, I've done that
purposely, for that nice extra level of chaos.  Similarly, by randomly
choosing a patch from my Vortex, in conjunction with a Digitech 128, AirFX,
and warp factory, I end up with a loop that's sonically related to what I
played, but very different as well.  This way, I can influence my loop, but
not quite determine it's actual state.  I call it Sottilaro's Uncertainty
Principle.  (hey, can I coin this term?  Like Frippatronics!?)

Mark Sottilaro

on 2/18/02 5:10 PM, Hedewa7@aol.com at Hedewa7@aol.com wrote:

> res0koq3@verizon.net writes:
>> I can see how adding to a loop without
>> hearing it can be fun-
> more than fun: a major feature, imo --- synced, or not.
> best,
> dt / splattercell