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Re: Loopstock idea

I like that idea, Mark.  I actually proposed something to that effect a
couple of days ago in response to Andre's keen assessment of the situation,
but it was buried at the bottom of my (long) gig story, so I'm not 
if you missed it.

The venue is long and narrow, with the entrance in the middle of one side,
so my idea was to set up either end of the room as a performance area, and
then it would work exactly as you described, with somebody always playing
while the next act sets up and the previous act breaks down.  Acts with
set-up times potentially longer than 30 minutes can start setting up three
acts in advance.

Instead of running my system the way I had originally intended, I'll split
it in half, which will still leave plenty of power at each end of the room.
A friend has volunteered to loan me his stage monitors and an amp, so there
will be a nice monitoring system at each stage.

Fifteen 30-minute performances with ten minutes between each one, plus a
thirty-minute break at supper time, only puts us at ten minutes past 12 at
the end of the night.  If we run long, we won't get evicted.


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> So, I've been doing some thinking as to how so many acts could go on in
> a short time period.  My idea would be to have two staging areas, 
> right next to each other.  An "on" stage, and an "on deck" stage.  That
> while act "a" was playing, act "b" could be setting up.  The success of
> would depend on the size and layout of the room.  Acts that had their own
> small sound systems, could even set up tertiary mini stages in corners of
> the room.  This way, there could be little or no dead air between acts.
> acts loop could even cross fade across the venue to another acts loop.
> Lot's of possibilities for collaboration.  I, for one, would volunteer to
> have a small PA (Some powered speakers and a Mackie 1202 mixer) which 
> found to be fine for medium/small rooms.
> Mark Sottilaro