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Loopstock Press Release

Dear Loopers,


On the first Saturday in March, San Luis Obispo, California will host 
Loopstock, a festival focusing on music made using real-time sampling and 
looping techniques. Loopstock will bring together "loopers" from all over 
the Western Hemisphere for what promises to be an historic series of 
performances and demonstrations dedicated to looping techniques and 

The types of music that can be expected at Loopstock range from the rich 
ambient soundscapes of Tuba virtuoso Tom Heasley and the refreshingly 
innovative rhythmic pieces of master percussionist Rick Walker, to the 
beautifully melodic bass playing of Max Valentino and the hauntingly 
guitar work of Ted Killian. In all, sixteen performers are scheduled to 
present their unique approaches to looping. Informal workshops will also be
given, highlighting the technology that makes real-time looping possible.

Loopstock will be held on Saturday, March 2nd, 2002 at World Drum and 
Studio (formerly Higher Movement Drum and Dance Studio), which is located 
778 Francis Street, across from Questa Natural Foods Co-op off Broad St. 
San Luis Obispo. This all-ages event will take place from 2:00 p.m. until 
midnight, and admission is free.

For more information, please contact Hans Lindauer at (805) 534-1009 or 


I sent this out to every print, radio, or on-line publication that I could 
of who might even be remotely interested:

> Looper's Delight
> Harmony Central
> Electronic Musician
> Remix Magazine
> Tape Op Magazine
> Guitar Player Magazine
> Bass Player Magazine
> Gig Magazine
> MC2 Magazine
> Keyboard Magazine
> Guitar Player Magazine
> TalkBass.com
> The Bottom Line
> New Times Weekly
> Ticket Weekly
> SLO Telegram-Tribune
> Cal Poly Mustang Daily
> KCPR Cal Poly Radio FM 91.3
> KOTR K-Otter Radio FM 94.9
> KCBX Public Radio FM 90.1
> Electrix Forum

Hopefully it will help generate some publicity and enthusiasm.  
already seems to be getting around - I got an e-mail from someone who heard
about Loopstock at Bananas at Large and is really excited to come check it 
Rumor has it that another inventor of legendary looping hardware may also 
present to check out the state of the art.

Next comes the fun part: sponsorships.  We'll see how that one works out :)