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Re: ALESIS AIR FX and other things

On Sunday, November 25, 2001, at 08:58 PM, Rick Walker (loop.pool) wrote:

> I have to admit, that I'm put off by the DJ oriented (and 
> sub-professional)
> RCA connectors:
> what's with that, anyway?

Yeah!  What the hell IS with that?  I'll tell ya what's up with that:   
My guess is that the DJ market is a lot bigger than the musical 
instrument market at this point, and is getting bigger.  Prepare for a 
future where new cool gear has RCA connectors.
> It's good to be alive:   I played an abstract/avante garde looping set 
> at,
> of all things, a goth pajama party last night and had an overwhelming 
> and
> boistrous response from the crowd.
> It felt really good to be accepted for my idiosyncratic music.  god 
> bless
> this wonderful technology!!!!
> yours,  rick walker  (aka, loop.pool)

Did the pajamas with the feet in 'em give you decent pedal control?  
Don't lie, I know you wore them.  I also have good news, the Halloween 
party we played at has landed us a Christmas party for a Forensic 
Science Lab.  I can't think of a better gig.  Mmmmmm lumenall....

Mark Sottilaro