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re: ALESIS AIR FX and other things

Thanks for the tip, Michael.........the unit looks really cool and I know
what you mean about the visuals.   I just bought myself a Yamaha WX5 wind
synth for precisely that reason:
people are for more fascinated to see you controlling sample/synth sounds
with it than if you trigger it with keyboards (not to mention that is has
more midi continuous control than
keyboards do with embochoure (sp?), tongueing, breath and bending/slurring

I have to admit, that I'm put off by the DJ oriented (and sub-professional)
RCA connectors:

what's with that, anyway?

Also,  I got my new Repeater and am in seventh heaven:   they really fixed
all of the bugs in the software 1.1 revision.   All the stretching/retuning
and tempo changing features are just great for seriously warping
sounds...........I actually like it that the extreme stretches and tempo
changes cause all kinds of artifacts..........

It's good to be alive:   I played an abstract/avante garde looping set at,
of all things, a goth pajama party last night and had an overwhelming and
boistrous response from the crowd.
It felt really good to be accepted for my idiosyncratic music.  god bless
this wonderful technology!!!!

yours,  rick walker  (aka, loop.pool)