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Re: unbalanced jacks/repeater

No sir. The Warp Factory indeed has the only *XLR* input, but I was
referring to the TRS jacks that are set up to accept balanced or unbalanced
cables on the Mo-Fx, Warp Factory, and Filter Factory. Just checked all 3
manuals to be sure, they're there. But point taken on keeping the cable
lengths short. Is there a rule of thumb? I don't have anything longer than 
feet right now, but I suspect dirty wiring in my apartment, so i'm just
trying to cover every base I can on a budget. Thanks!


> I think you're a little confused.  The only Electrix product with a
> balanced input is the mic input of the Warp Factory.  Also, the Repeater
> has both quarter inch and RCA jacks in and out, including the effects
> loop.  If you're going short distances with your cable, you'll be OK
> either way.
> Mark