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unbalanced jacks/repeater (addendum)

alright. cheated was kind of over the top. it's been a bad day. no offense
intended to electrix.  it's a great tool, i just find the unbalanced jacks
mysterious and frustrating. in the signal to noise war every little bit
counts, you know? i can live with it, i'd just feel better about it if i
knew why.


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Sent: Monday, November 26, 2001 1:38 AM
Subject: re: unbalanced jacks/repeater

> it was most likely a cost/space issue. cheated? hard to beat the
> price of the repeater, even without balanced audio.
> plexus
> >  >
> >>  I have to admit, that I'm put off by the DJ oriented (and
> >sub-professional)
> >>  RCA connectors:
> >>
> >>  what's with that, anyway?
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