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RE: Repeater Info please

1. (L-R) Undo, Play/Stop, Record.  And Electrix may make it possible to
select button functions at a future date.

2. The unit is noticeably less buggy with the new software.  The update 
allows the Repeater to be added to the FX loop of a mixer (with the option
of muting the dry input).  Like Mark said, it's a hot little number.
Placing it before an amp becomes an issue of getting a good signal to noise
ratio without clipping.  When dialed up properly, the Repeater is pretty
quiet (IMO).  But getting a good signal without clipping can be tricky if
the input has a lot of range.

Also keep in mind that I don't perform with a Repeater.  I use it for
composition, recording, learning, etc.  But it will soon be apart of my
performance.  When it is, it will most definitely be *within* the loop of 
amp or mixer (FWIW).


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Howdy, i'm going buy a repeater soon, but i need to clear a few things up.

1.  The 3 button footswitch,  are the controls,   stop/play, record, and
or stop/play, record,  and [undo]?
Undo would be fabulous!

2.  Has the new downloadable software improved things,
Does the unit still have to be in the effects loop of an amp, [line level]
to reduce the hiss?.