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Re: proel volume/expression pedals

Thanks for your input, everyone...saves me spending some cash and 
being bitter and twisted after the fact.

so here's the next question:

I'm using the jamman and mofx in mono for my guitar rig.  aux 1 and 2 
go to each unit respectively, and they return on their own mono 
channels on the mixer.

the ernie ball stereo pedal seems to have some sort of panning 
ability.  could i run each mono aux send into the pedal, then the 
respective out into each unit (say jammie on left, mofx on right)?

then by panning the pedal center, you would send audio to 'both' 
units, but by engaging the panning, you could isolate sending either 
to the jammie (left), or to the mofx (right)?  would that work, ya 

if this would work, that would be pretty sweet, with control via one 
pedal.  i'd fork out the dough for that, i think.

will the ernie ball handle the line level signal coming from the mixer aux?

thanks in advance,


>Hi, Rich
>I use volume pedals essentially as you describe, mainly  in front of
>delay-looping devices to control input. Believe me, I've tried Roland FV
>Low impedance, Proel, even those crappy Rolls...NONE of 'em would
>completely screen the delay from leaked audio, until I got an 
>was $130+ for stereo! (from Guitar Heaven). I'd LOVE to find a workable
>cheaper pedal...I've even tried having a tech modify the Rolands, to no
>I'm OK with the Roland pedals as returns to mixer chanels from outboard 
>but not as sends. I prefer EV5, or Proel exp pedals to control input or
>level parameters in the fx itself.